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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  March 6, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PST

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more gunfire in libya not far from moammar gadhafi. new developments in north earn africa. san jose man hospitalized after a brutal attack at a train station in san mateo county. hero's welcome for a injured sailor returning home to the bay area. 7:30 a.m., sunday march 6th. i am ann makovec >> i am phil matier. a lot of newtalk in the next half hour. dog runs in the golden gate
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national park area, to public workers do they have too much power. flooding in the midwest. >> future of san francisco port or the sport of san francisco. -- port of san francisco. your weather forecast, a very wet morning sounds like it is not going to let up a whole lot. >> heavy sustained gunfire could be heard early today in libya, in the capital of tripoli. the gunfire before dawn lasted for at least two hours some was heard around the military camp where moammar gadhafi lived. it could be some sort of internal fighting but libyan authorities say it was in celebration of the retaking of a key port. rebels say they are still in control this is a video of rebel fighters at the field headquarters. later libyan helicopter gun
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ships fired on rebels as they advanced along the mediterranean coast. they are trying to move west and fierce battles are raging on the ground. pro gadhafi forces are shelling and they are firing rocket pow felled grenades and anti air -- powered grenades and anti aircraft guns. >> the situation is there is quiet and peaceful. >> reporter: twice today moammar gadhafi's government claimed they had taken control and released aerial gun camera footage which they said proved it. government forces moved into the town the try to dislodge rebels once before and were beaten back. then they went in again with full armored assault. a reporter from britain's sky news is the only western correspondent there. >> we are under sustained
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attack by gadhafi's forces now who appear to be trying to retake the area. they have got closer and closer we have taken refuge inside the mosque. sustained gunfire the rebels have armed themselves they have a number of defections from the army but they appear to be unable to stop them from advancing and are getting closer and closer. >> reporter: rebels later claimed they were in control of the town having beaten off the government advance again. >> about 6:00 to 12:00 this has continued. >> reporter: it is critical because it is a virtual suburb of triply. the closest rebel incursion in the capital. it is getting bolder within tripoli itself.
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>> opponents of the regime face great risk speaking to us but are getting increasingly desperate. >> do you thing people continue to protest? >> yes. >> gadhafi family says it is all outsiders, al qaeda, people on drugs what do you say to that? >> what do you say? >> they lie. very big lie. >> reporter: the battle is not over doctors in the town say the death toll is about 60, half of that civilian from indy chris nate shelling -- indiscriminate shelling. crisis in libya will be one of the topics this morning on face the nation. that is coming up at 8:30 a.m. after this newscast here on cbs 5. one person is dead the
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result of a multi vehicle crash in contra costa county, midnight last night and forced closures on northbound vasqua road, it involved five or six cars in addition to one death one other person was seriously injured all lanes reopened 3:00 a.m. another arrest in a police corruption case in contra costa county a sheriff's deputy assigned to danville police department is facing conspiracy charges part of a broader investigation in theft and sale of confiscated drugs. local authorities are not elaborating. the arrest of a contra costa county deputy sheriff who works as a danville police officer, comes as investigators look into alleged police corruption. district attorney mark peterson told cbs 5, the deputy was arrested friday night the sheriff's office said the four year veteran was arrested for
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possession and transfer of an assault rifle and conspiracy to possess and sell controlled substances. da peter son would not comment on what connection he had to welsh, who was arrested for stealing drugs from police lockers and passing them to a private invest gator. welsh, seen in court behind bullet proof glass and butt already on the right are charged with more than two dozen counts of possessing and selling drugs and steroids. all three men, welsh, butler, tanabi worked together in the antioch police department in the late 90s. sheriff livingstone said the arrest of deputy tanabi is a sad day for the sheriff but should not reflect on the other members of the office.
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last night the deputy put up a $250,000 bond released from contra costa county jail and because of his arrest the sheriff says he is pulling his office out of the investigation and will hand everything over to the district attorney and state department of justice. across the bay, cal train has increased security following the attack of a man nearly beaten to death at a redwood city station. the man was waiting for a train 7:30 p.m. friday night when as many as 15 people attacked him and tried to rob him. cal train calls it unusual referring to the high volume of people at that station, and commute regularly from the shopping center nearby. as of late last night the 47- year-old victim remains in critical condition. this is a very unusual incident for cal train this is not something that is -- it is really outside the norm of our experience. people who are waiting for cal
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train, have every reason to feel safe and comfortable, while they are at the station. there are reports some of the assailants fled in a white compact car before police arrived. transit police say they are aggressively investigating leads. 7:38 a.m. when it comes to creating jobs bay area lawmakers are looking beyond a land of opportunity they have their eyes on the water as well they see san francisco's port as a center piece of recovery, some people are afraid a bustling water front will bring more than just jobs. >> unless we invest in infrastructure, dredging et cetera, we are missing the boat. with the port of san francisco as the backdrop local leaders talked about bringing jobs and more federal money to shore. >> we need to treat the ports as if they are airports. airports when you have a delay in their modernization and construction it stops the
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economy of our country moving forward. >> you may remember the carnival splendour spending time here last month getting repaired after breaking down in the ocean last year. that work created hundreds of local jobs. this is the largest dry dock on this side of the pacific ocean sitting empty right now a lot of ships have trouble getting in here. the canal only has 19 feet of water to accommodate bigger boats it has to be dredged. >> if we are not dredging deep enough with a deep enough draft we are missing an opportunity for commerce and jobs. >> but there are environmental concerns. >> there is now a biological concern as a result we might seal jay bloom, fish kills, what are biological impacts of that. >> they say it will be done with the best technology vailable and happen soon. >> it has to happen now, within the next couple months.
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you know it is interesting, we've always had this tug-of- war in san francisco about the maritime use of the port. one group says we want more blue collar one time they were saying we want to bring fisher men back to fisher man's war of everyone thought it was great until the fishing boats showed up and they were noisy and spluttering and people said that is not what we wants the always a tug-of-war between what is ecologically right and economically right. >> there is 19 feet of water in the port right now and some of the ships these days need 30 feet. >> final question, ed lee the inter rim mayor, how comfortable was he? >> he seemed personal and enjoying the job. i wouldn't be surprised if he ends up changing his mind
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wanting to keep the job. looks like he was loving it. he was good he was answering the questions didn't look nervous. i think he was having a fun time. >> maybe a rising star? >> we will see. >> segue into. >> stars shining big and bright down to our south heart of san jose. what dallas did to the shark's 8 game winning streak. >> big trouble in the hoosier state. what lead to big flooding in the nations heartland. cold weather last week, spring like today. we will have the details coming up for you in a few minutes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, if you are not looking forward to another rainy day imagine this, flood waters up to 2 feet deep causing a lot of problems for homeownerdrivers in indianapolis. cars and trucks getting stuck
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when drivers try to barrel through the water. check that out more like a river than a highway on ramp. some people ignoring police barricades to get through these roadways, a lot of people there are dealing with flooded basements they have been getting a lot of rain over the past week the soil is saturated, rivers and creeks are over flowing. another storm is expected tuesday. certainly makes our weather look better. >> we are not exactly dry around here either. >> no, but we are not under that much water and what is going on napa valley marathon this morning. hopefully they have their rain gear out. >> jim, how are things in napa? >> a little wet this morning. light rain showers in and around the bay, generally speaking, looking at less than a tenth of an inch of rain accumulation in the overnight hours that won't cause any flooding, but we have slick streets, highways and by ways wet, slippery as we look across the south bay, looking dark out there, lots of clouds for the bay here this morning and we will see that gradually clear out through the day, here is a
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look at the radar returns, high- definition doppler here this morning, most returns in the north bay, greater rainfall amounts exist this morning, almost a quarter inch of rain overnight and again, that is where the strongest returns are, this will gradually move south across the rest to have bay area, through the day today, turning to isolated shower activity by tonight. this morning, light showers prevail, cooler temperatures, gain stretching from hawaii all the way across the pacific here and moving ashore, across the west coast overnight hours, slowly sagging south into the bay area, this is a mild system, not looking for heavy rainfall amounts, spring like as i mentioned we will continue to see light showers on and off through the day slightly cooler than yesterday. still mild temperature range as we look for upper 50s. low 60s to prevail. that will mean more snow in the
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high country of the sierra, 6,000 feet. for us this afternoon, scattered showers winding down as temperatures peak out in the mid-the low 60s. that is down 5 degrees from yesterday and computer models show rain tapering off here this afternoon, as expected a few light showers to continue tonight, possibly into tomorrow morning, but for the most part, we will see the brunt of it here this morning and again, light rainfall amounts expected out of this system as we continue the look at snow in the mountains here, as they will be likely picking up snow, into if not through tomorrow. we get a look at the whole weekend as they see sunshine there, by mid-week as will we, as we can expect temperatures today gain mid- to upper 50s at the coast warmer locations into the low 60s here for highs today, and taking a look at the seven-day forecast, there is that sunshine popping out, come mid-week as the light spring
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showers wind down, through early monday morning, come the end of next week though, looks like we will head into the weekend with more rain potential on the horizon once again none of this looking terribly cold at this point. not talking snow norare we likely to be again for the rest of the season as we turned the corner, as far as winter into spring. >> fairly warm out there. warmer than yesterday. >> so far so good. balmy. that hawaiian moisture i spoke of smells like pineapple. >> pineapple connection. sounds nice at least. >> sounds great. >> thanks jim. the big political storm in wisconsin is not letting up. governor walker's cost cutting plans to strip most public workers of their bargaining rights. >> it is bringing forward this issue, to they have too much power that is what they are talking about in wisconsin and
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here in california, we have budget tear problems too. i sat down with former mayor and state assembly speaker, willie brown on that side of the table and he said he has given away the store to the unions, is this fundamentally unsound here is what he said. >> it is a good idea you should always allow and support persons who are working for you, getting together, to reduce the necessity of your individually talking discipline, and moving each one of them. >> okay let's take a look at that. you are no stranger to this. in private business you have the unions on one side and the business on the other. and it is a fight over rights and pay. but collective bargaining when it is government workers you have unions on one side and politicians on the other ultimately making the decision. the difference is unions often
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fund those politicians campaigns. >> which means person sitting on the other side of the table, willie browns of the world have to be held to a higher stan dan on their performance -- standard on their performance side. it is not the fault of the unions and their organization they are not able to form a relationship with people bargaining with them and they allow that to enforce more than the public good. you should not throw something away, and blame the unions for something that is not their fault. >> i am not sure it is the unions people are try -- putting the blame on they are saying the politicians can't help themselves if i wake up and find out you cut four side deals resulting in me being in debt so far i don't have money for schools, roads anything, that is with a we are seeing -- >> the punishment ought to be on the politician not the labor organizations the labor
7:50 am
organizations are doing what they should do. representing their membership. if i am sitting on the the other side to have table and i have been elected to public office and supposed to be significantly serious about the dollars available, i really should have the courage of my conviction and do the job the public needs to have done. one more thing you clearly can establish connections between contributionperformance on the private sector side. if an individual running for office, proceeds to perform, as if he is a wholly owned subsidiary of the trial lawyers or the doctors or the bank or the oil companies, many times they lose their job, the same fate should be visited upon them if they become a wholly owned subsidiary of organized labor. >> okay but here in the state, let's be honest much of the democrats in sacramento and
7:51 am
local officials are the wholly owned subsidiary of local unions. >> i wouldn't describe them that way. you look at it too. millions going in. >> no question i was the beneficiary of lots of those contributions what i did phil when i served, is that i tried to direct those contributions to make sure that the individual member could never be criticized for what they received. i absorbed all the criticism you guys wrote about me repeatedly as the biggest receiver of the money there was a reason i wanted the shield my membership as one away from the appearance of undo influence and number two, give them the power to be responsive period and we successfully did that. persons holding an elective office today must be held accountable in the same identical fashion. >> do you think that is going to happen? >> no. >> okay. well, where do we go from here
7:52 am
then? >> just because it doesn't happen you cannot abolish the system because there are defectives performing in the system you don't throw the system out there is nothing wrong with collective bargaining that can't be cured by better representation on the part of those that hold public office. >> that is a repeating theme, it is not the system it fought whether it be term limits, ious to various groups it is the people you are sending. >> willie brown's of the world. >> exactly. ultimately it is on the politicians. if we can change the rules we can call for more disclosure but bottom line it is those we send to do the people's business, whether it be on the bart board, board of supervisors or sacramento. >> what happens if collective bargaining is off the table. you will need a whole bunch of
7:53 am
personnel to negotiate individual contracts that could get crazy. >> some encouraging signs for pro football fans in the meantime. >> also having a little bit of labor problems the little bit of doubt about the nfl lock out that once seemed like a sure thing. >> sharks 8 game winning streak on the line. your sunday morning sports round up just a few minutes away (announcer) roundup extended control is no ordinary weed killer. because it does two jobs... at the same time. one: it kills the weeds you have - right down to the root. two: it forms a barrier, that prevents new weeds from growing for up to four months. roundup extended control -
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resume tomorrow in front of a federal mediator. welcome back. national football league labor talks will resume in front of a federal mediator. >> after two extensions, owners and players union have until this coming friday to reach a new deal. negotiators are using the weekend tory assess their position. to reassess their position. both sides know millions of dollars in revenue could be lost if no deal is reached soon. college basketting close to march madness you into that? >> not a lot but meanwhile san jose state closed regular season with a loss at boise state last night they go on now to the western athletic conference tournament, wednesday against hawaii. st. mary's san francisco still
7:57 am
alive in the west coast conference tournament they beatpepperdine. gary picks up with the bronco highlights. >> kevin foster set a new santa clara record for most points in a season and he will get a chance to add to it, the bronco's beat lmu to advance to the semi finals. >> sanders, cal's loan senior honored before the game. bear's lead by 28 against stanford. gutierrez with the incredible touch pass, cal takes the game 74-55. >> sharks looking to make it 9 in a row, stars rally back taking the game 3-2. there you go you are all caught up on sports have a great day. 2 minutes before 8:00 a.m. a true hero's welcome here in the bay area. >> in the next half hour, how an injured sailor is being
7:58 am
welcomed back the his hometown. how volunteers are raising money to protect san jose's finest on four legs we will be right back ,,
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water... the latest result of a probe into corruption. another bay area sheriff's deputy in hot water. the latest result of a corruption probe in the east
8:01 am
bay. hero's welcome for an injured sailor returning home to the bay area. and what has to be one of the dirtiest celebrations in all of the world. welcome back to weekend early edition t time is 8:01 a.m. good morning i am phil matier. >> i am ann makovec. we have a lot to talk about here in the next half hour including your rainy weather forecast you may have noticed, it is drizzly out there. but at the top of the news, one person is dead, the result of a multi vehicle crash in contra costa county it happened around midnight last night and forced closure. the crash involved five or six cars in addition to one death one other person was seriously injured. all lanes were reopened by 3:30 a.m. >> investigation into police corruption in contra county, has lead to another arrest.
8:02 am
a sheriff's deputy assigned to danville police department is facing conspiracy charges part of a broader enquiry into the theft and sale of confiscated drugs. local authorities are not elaborating yet. >> reporter: arrest of a contra costa county deputy sheriff who works under contract with danville as a police officer, comes as they look into police corruption. district attorney mark feeder son said deputy tafabi was arrested friday night. he was arrested for conspiracy to possess and sell controlled substances. they would not comment on the connection to norman, welsh. he was arrested and charged with passing them to butler who allegedly helped sell the
8:03 am
drugs. welsh in court, and butler on the right are charged with more than two dozen felony accounts for selling meth, marijuana, prescription drugs and steroids, all thee men, welsh, butler, tafabi worked together in the antioch police department in the late 90s. sheriff livingstone said the arrest of deputy tanabi is a sad day for the office of the sheriff but should not reflect on the integrity or professionalism of the other members of the office. last night deputy tanabi put up a $250,000 bond. he is free and because of his arrest the sheriff is pulling his office out of the investigation and will hand everything over to the district attorney and state department of justice. cal train increased security following the attack of a man nearly beaten to death at a redwood city station. he was wait for a train 7:30
8:04 am
p.m. friday night when 15 people attacked him and tried to rob him. they called the attack unusual as there is a high volume of people commuting in and out of that station. the 47-year-old victim remains in critical condition. this is a very unusual incident for cal train this is not something that is -- it is really outside the norm of our experience people who are waiting for cal train have every reason to feel safe and comfortable, while they are at the station. >> there are reports that the assailants fled in a white compact car before police arrived no one has been arrested but transit police say they are aggressively investigating leads. it is said every dog has its day. yesterday it was about police canines in san jose. throughout the day, police officers hosted a fund raidser
8:05 am
to help pro -- raiser to help protect their pawed partners, they are raising money to buy more bullet proof vests and they need funds to train the dog more than $3,600 were raised yesterday, getting close tore $10,000. this fund raiser runs through the month at all three pet food express locations in the city today you have another chance to go to one of those locationmeet those dogs. part of governor brown's job is to move funds towards local government. health and education questions to even prisoners and that has got a lot of local law enforcement people nervous. >> as if we have money for it. >> exactly. what are we going to do if they start emptying out the jails. i spoke with george gascon and asked him okay what effect is
8:06 am
this going to have on locals and what can it be done about it. >> over incarceration is bad we have been over incarcerating people but we have to make sure we do it right. >> what does that mean? >> people are coming back to the streets, have services and supervision required to do this without jeopardizing the safety of the community. >> what you are saying if you are going to give us the responsibility for taking care of more criminals you will need more money but they don't have any. >> that is a problem. >> where do we go with that? >> i know we have to talk about this stuff. we can simply send these people back to the streets without the level of supervision otherwise they will re-offend and back to prison. >> it will be your job as district attorney to handle that but i don't see the legislature giving you money for it. >> you are right that is why district attorneys across the state have been so concerned and we are talking about how
8:07 am
this can be problematic. here in the bay area what do you see? >> numbers are less here but there is no question we will be impacted by this. >> when you are given this responsibility, over the years you have been a police chief and you have been now a district attorney, what shifts have you seen? more violent people out there, less violent people? what are you seeing? >> crime has been done for many years, we are seeing a beginning of perhaps crime starting to go off in california, as well as texas and other states, we have another problem the problem is we start releasing people from institutions we are releasing people that do not have the skill sets to be successful, back in the community and we are not putting the level of services those people need in order to have a second chance that is very concerning we are trying to work hard to create the space here, in order for that to occur but that will not
8:08 am
happen, overnight. >> you are not an advocate for locking them up and throwing away the key. >> for years we have incarcerated too many people. the models we have are economically and socially unsustainable we have destroyed entire communities by the level of incarceration. to put some body in prison and send them back to the street without any skills to have a job, drug addiction, often with mental illness and throw them out on the street and expect some how, they are not going to re-offend is unrealistic and unfair to the community, unfair to the person released unfair to the entire system. >> some people would argue there are people that just aren't going to take to the program they are not going to get the job. this is who they are, and so why not keep them off the streets and save my car from being busted into, my son from getting shot and all those other problems. >> the problem is we cannot
8:09 am
continue to incarcerate people at the rates we have. we cannot afford it economically. are some people going to re- offend unquestionably but we cannot do everything we can in order to try to lower the possibility of re-offending we will have to have close supervision and provide tools for people to take a second shot at life. of course the question is, those programs they cost money and are on the chopping block. >> right all of it costs money. that is the funny thing when you watch the state oh, we are going to push these responsibilities but cut redevelopment funds. >> everybody in local level going last time i heard that, governor regan, we were closing mental institutions and sending everybody back to halfway houses no body, not democrats or republicans gave local it is money for it. folks get ready for more. >> like a shell game. >> he was injured in the line of duty but certainly appreciated by his hometown.
8:10 am
>> coming up, a bay area sailor, startled by what he saw when he returned home. >> battle over dogs where in the bay area they are not quite as welcome as they used to be. your forecast, still free, spring showers out there, mild temperatures, light rain through the day. more details in just a few ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. >> it is 8:13 a.m. international news, in libya, helicopter gun ships fired on rebels as they advanced west toward it is capital of tripoli. rebels are trying to push out of the eastern half of the country. they are facing counter attacks by air and on the ground from forces still loyal to moammar gadhafi. today his loyal lists retook the city near gadhafi's hometown. the potential battleground could come within days a
8:14 am
government war plane destroyed three hangers in another town rebels currently hold. a young bay area sailor who survived an explosion in afghanistan is back. >> he received a birthday gift yesterday he will not soon forget. u.s. navy core man apprentice joe burns returned home to san bruno on his 20th birthday. he was seriously injured in afghanistan, you can see him on crutches his vehicle was hit by an impro vised explosive device a grateful community banded together to welcome him home. >> it feels good. i am glad to be home. glad to be with my family, you guys are awesome and nice to do this for me. >> of course that that tribute focused on that sailor. friends were cheering for him that pink bug he said that is not his vehicle he wanted to
8:15 am
make that clear. >> glad you pointed that out. >> he is a tough guy. >> and jim, keeping it real over there in the weather department. it is very wet out this morning if you haven't looked out your window. >> what is it now? >> still is as we lookout, golden gate bridge cam, looking wet. the rain drops are obscuring the view this morning light shower activity, rain induced fog across the bridge streets are busy, and compromised a bit this morning as a result of a lot of moisture moving into the area. all pretty light at this time. you see the bulk in the north bay, moderate returns around vacca, into the valley here this morning. again, this will go south ward through the bay, across the greater area, and we will look for shower activity to continue to taper off turning to isolated showers by this evening. the out the door forecast,
8:16 am
light showers prevailing, generally speaking we are looking at a quarter inch or less precipitation across the bay area this morning as a result of this cloud mass moving south along the california coast, that subtropical connection we spoke about all the way back to hawaii and a lot of warm moisture, light in nature, as there is a few moderate returns out there. but we will expect the wind down, as it sinks south through the day, scattered showers likely to continue into tomorrow morning but here we see that frontal boundary spinning not exactly going away but beginning to spin. showers should taper off through the day. mild temperatures on the warm side pretty much in the mid-to low 60s for warmer locations, back at the beach upper 50s and a bit balmy spring like for this time of year gain, showers will wind down through day, temperatures for the most part down around 5 or 6 degrees from yesterday's high so slightly
8:17 am
cooler through the day today. and as we get a look at the future radar expectation, you can see most of the moisture will be crossing the bay area this morning however there will be some lingering returns showing up into tomorrow with light shower potential, hit or miss, likely to continue into monday morning here. with a bit of a break headed our way for mid-week the weekend has been snowy in the high country as we continue to see that snow extending into the middle of the week and then we look for conditions to warm up, as sunshine breaks out in the mountains as well across the bay area, temperature wise, as mentioned, mid- to upper 50s. most locations low 60s warmer spots, as you move inland, as we look at our seven-day forecast we will taper the showers off, monday morning, give us a little break with warmer temperatures a lot of sunshine through mid-week, and then come the end of the week, light shower activity, glancing blow thursday across the region
8:18 am
with a better chance of moisture arriving, kind of looks like come saturday. next weekend could be taking a turn back to soggy gain but i do believe we are well out of freezing rain, stay on the warm side and more spring like weather pattern. >> okay >> napa valley marathon going on as we speak. >> what about fort mason rain or shine along the beach? >> scattered showers continue through the afternoon, fort mason and napa. they will look at the threat of rain you know, nothing heavy. >> the reason i was asking, dog owners plan to hold a protest today at fort mason in san francisco, to oppose the idea of more restrictions in dog parks. national park service is thinking of putting limits on canines in golden gate national recreation area. that is a collection of designated areas, stretching from san mateo county up the coast to marin county some park goers have long complained about the dangers of off leash
8:19 am
dogs but dog owners say those are exaggerated. >> people who don't own dogs and don't care anything about dogs can see if dogs have their designated area then they can enjoy the rest of the other 99% of open space in san francisco bay area. >> we are in an important phase we need to hear from a full spectrum of users people who love to enjoy the park with their dog and those who enjoy a dog free experience we need to hear from everyone. >> it is one of the longest running political fights we have had public comment period on the plan ends april 14th. >> a big rally at force mason tomorrow at 5:30 as well things i have heard from dog owners punish the people not obeying the rules don't punish everybody. >> whether it is city parks or the national parks, this is one of the biggest debates you are going to find in the bay area. on a much lighter note,
8:20 am
jiajia gabore is back home. the medical procedure the celebrity is refusing to go through and why ,,,,,,
8:21 am
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her from the u-c- l-a medical actress and celebrity gia gia gabore is back home after doctors dismissed her from ucla. the blood flow to her left leg suddenly stopped. doctors insist she has to have her remaining leg amputated she is 94 and refusing surgery she had part of her right leg amity tated in january. >> >> gover -- amputated in january. >> >> they are raising questions about timing of a negative report, two items in the matier and ross column. >> both items in the news first up governor gerry brown meeting with five republican senators behind closed doors quietly in the hopes of winning support
8:23 am
for the tax extension plan he wants to put tax extensions on a special election ballot but needs some republican votes to clear the state legislator. talks are ranging from republican demands for pension reform but so far senators are being cagey they are not sure and the governor is trying to get his $26 billion of cuts through the senate first with the idea he can get these republican votes and pass them then maybe get republicans in the assembly to go along well. >> officials at muni are getting suspicious about the timing of reports on safety of muni. puc said muni's rail operations were probably the worst in the state but that report came just
8:24 am
as the commission itself was about to take a hit, at federal hearings in washington about the san bruno pipeline disasters. when muni boss ford rebutted many of the puc findings the state watchdogs ordered muni to shut down a section of l line some people thought we were getting into a game of tit and tat the section the state said needed to be shut down had been out of service for four months because of a water main break which the muni guys are saying what is going on with them are they trying to hit us to make news to counter the hits they are taking. speaks of hits, on public transportation, did you hear about the cleanliness of bart seats. >> yes. >> disgusting i had some suspicions about those seats, they look gross, they smell gross and now apparently there is bacteria, staph resistant >> it never ends, really bad
8:25 am
bacteria. >> eww. >> we will probably hear a lot about that this week. >> move on. >> i can't. remember the old -- this should be something for you to read i can't -- >> remember the old laurel and hardy phrase, another fine mess you have gotten me in? this takes the cake. purpose behind this bizarre tradition >> i want to hear a better impersonation when we return too ,,,,,,,, [ son ] my parents always lived in the states,
8:26 am
until my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly, found their local deli, a few shortcuts and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss... the seventh-inning stretch. so citi helped me use my thankyou points to give them something special. their old seats: 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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today... and yesterday thousands 8:27 a.m., the iditarod gets under way in alaska. thousands turned out in anchorage for the start. >> 63 mushers from all over the world introduced themselves to the on lookers, even the dogs appeared anxious about hitting
8:28 am
the trail. the iditarod competitors will brave the elements for more than a week the winner will reach nome alaska in a week. the stake, $50,000 in prize money and a new truck. >> >> iditarod means clear water according the our producer. >> this isn't clear water an event down in the beach in brazil time to coincide with carnival. >> carnival. hundreds of people flocked to a beach yesterday to cover each other with mud most were wearing swim suits underneath but you know, a lot of people were wearing nothing at all. an alternative to carnival's elaborate costumes a cross between a rave and hippie festival culminated with a group parading through town and some red smoke whatever that is. the event dates back to 1986, some friends fishing smooshed mud on their bodies -- smeared mud on their bodies to warn off
8:29 am
insects. thanks for joining us ,,,,,,


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